John Bashobora, just a priest at the service of Jesus!

There are not many people who raise such strong reactions like Fr. John. Let’s start by listening to him.

His life story: article


He has a tragic childhood


Father John Baptist Bashobora was born on December 5, 1946. At the age of 2 he lost his father, but did not know about it, because his upbringing was taken care of by his uncle and his wife who  did not tell  him that they are not his parents. Until his priestly ordination he lived with this unconscious thinking that those with whom he lived were his parents. On the day of his priestly ordination he learned that his father was dead, and his mother, who had been expelled after her husband’s death, now lives somewhere else. It turned out that his aunt, the one who raised him later, poisoned his father because she was jealous of the love of his family and for John who was a very intelligent boy, wiser than her children. Then she also tried to poison John when he was a kid. She handed him a poisoned porridge once in a pot. When little John had done the sign of the cross before the meal, the dish disintegrated into small pieces. On the day of priestly ordination, my aunt came over to Joanna and asked him to forgive her for what she had done. He forgave her in the name of Jesus, he also met his mother, he recovered his family.


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