J.S. Bach for First Sunday of Advent

History of Cantata BWV36

1. Chorus
Soar joyfully upwards to the exalted stars,
you tongues that now are joyful in Sion!
Yet stop! The sound need not travel so far,
the Lord of Glory Himself approaches you.

2. Chorale (Duet) S A
Now come, Savior of the heathens,
known as the Virgin’s child,
over whom the whole world marvels,
that God had ordained such a birth for Him.

3. Aria T
Love approaches his beloved
with gentle and slow steps.
Just as a bride is delighted
when she beholds her bridegroom,
so a heart follows after Jesus.

4. Chorale
Strike the strings of the Cythera
and let the sweet music
resound full of joy,
so that I might, with little Jesus,
my fairest bridegroom,
travel in constant love!
rejoice, triumph, thank the Lord!
Great is the King of honor.

Part Two

5. Aria B
Welcome, worthy treasure!
Love and faith make room
for You in my purified heart,
draw near to me!

6. Chorale T
You who are like the Father,
lead the victory forth in the flesh,
so that Your eternal Godly power
may sustain our weak flesh in us.

7. Aria S
Also with muted, weak voices
is God’s majesty honored.
For if the Spirit only resounds with it,
it becomes such an outcry,
that is is heard in heaven itself.

8. Chorale
Praise be to God, the Father,
praise be to God, His only Son,
praise be to God, the Holy Spirit,
for ever and in eternity!

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