Israeli Irit Iffert joyful journey to know the warmth of the Messiah’s love

Many Jews  discovers the promised Messiah of Israel in Jesus.It is not even a new generation, born in Israel in the family of believers! !Irit were such  fortunate, but as always the  parents’ choice next generation needs to confirm by  their own. Iffert in beautiful English tells her spiritual happening.


Irit sings beautifully. E.g:

Hebrew text translated to English in subtitles on the screen.

She is also in this chorus.

Israeli youth choir loves the Messiah!

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6 thoughts on “Israeli Irit Iffert joyful journey to know the warmth of the Messiah’s love

  1. Mirella

    Irit significant words … people hate Jesus, but do not know him … the greater a responsibility on us who are experiencing His love and presence to others realize who God is

    1. Thomas Post author

      In Europe, there are already anti-Gospel. Sold lies on faith and even God himself. The power of the world’s media, it’s hard to break through with a good message, but it is necessary to try.

  2. Maria

    I realize Irit and her fascination with Jesus … It is he who shows us his life, parables sense of faith for man, for his earthly life … expanding our space … and learns to live the hope of the future …
    God works in many people, changes them, makes happier … these certificates and meeting people who live in this God’s Love are the engine for the other … is a beacon … One of my first spiritual guides was Thomas Merton and his “The Seven Storey Mountain” … and still is for me an important testimony to the spiritual path of man …
    But still a man needs more this divine Love … Is this “joyful journey to know the warmth of the Messiah’s love” can have the final here on earth? And maybe still it will last?

    1. Thomas Post author

      Getting to know God is perhaps the journey eternity 🙂 The relationship we have with him, I think, a solid right now, but it is only the birth and up to eternity 🙂

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