In the presence of angels… Psalm 138

Psalm 138


I thank you, Yahweh, with all my heart,

for you have listened to the cry I uttered.

In the presence of angels I sing to you,

I bow down before your holy Temple.

I praise your name for your faithful love and your constancy;

your promises surpass even your fame.

You heard me on the day when I called,

and you gave new strength to my heart.

All the kings of the earth give thanks to you, Yahweh,

when they hear the promises you make;

they sing of Yahweh’s ways, ‘Great is the glory of Yahweh!’

Sublime as he is, Yahweh looks on the humble,

the proud he picks out from afar.

Though I live surrounded by trouble you give me life

–to my enemies’ fury!

You stretch out your right hand and save me,

Yahweh will do all things for me.

Yahweh, your faithful love endures for ever,

do not abandon what you have made.

God does not give up the work of his hands, never! Even if a man was distressed and it seemed to him that nothing and no one in the dark could bring him out, He gives his hand, you just have to grab it. God strengthens man, is not deaf for prayers and supplications.

Psalms are a treasury of wisdom and consolation …

Angels are a very cool company and can really adore God! It would be nice to be among them :))




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