Andrea Bocelli chose good and that means faith in God

My faith was born in adulthood when some existential questions became urgent. I realized that by making every choice, we were at the intersection of the roads going in opposite directions – one leads in the direction of the good and the other one in the direction of evil. Living in the belief that life is driven by chance is not only inappropriate, but also not very logical and unreasonable. This is an elementary reasoning that allows you to make the right decision, and the first fundamental choice we have to make is to believe or not to believe. I chose the path that seemed to me more logical, which my intelligence, albeit limited, identified as a path without an alternative. Faith is really a priceless gift that I try to keep and deepen, and she supports me day after day. I do not think that it is contrary to reason.


Andrea Bocelli, part of the interview. It is translated from Polish.[1.]

For Bocelli performed sacred songs are an opportunity to pray.  Some examples.



It could not be with us. He tells about the temptation of his mom to abort him.



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